FUNKY DOG pelech podložka pro psy
Podložka 100% natur - s výplňou alebo bez výplne
Podložka 100% natur - s výplňou alebo bez výplne
Psí pelech výpln bavlnena vata
bavlnená vata eco-friendly pelech
Podložka pro psy
Podložka 100% natur - s výplňou alebo bez výplne


Sleeping dog mattress 100% natural materials - with or without filling

Regular price 690,00 Kč

Extremely comfy, super ecological and highly practical mat, which is going to be loved by every doggo. Not only at home but also for traveling ;)

>>> 2,8 € from the price we donated to dog shelters <<<


  • with filling - cotton wool
    • ador absorbing
    • antibacterial and antiseptic
    • it is recycled waste from cotton harvest and cotton threads production 
  • no filling
    • fill in the mat with your clothes, which would otherwise be thrown away
    • recycling 
    • you dog loves your smell
    • the dog feel more comfortable and safer with your smell (you know it too, when you leave a pile of dirty laundry on the floor or leave your suitcase open, guess who is the first one to make a nice comfy place there? :))


  • cover is 50% linen and 50% cotton
  • cover is on zipper - you can wash it anytime
  • hydrophobic and fungicidal bottom layer - 100% cotton!
    • it is the same material which is used for tents
  • all products in Czech republic


  • small mat 50 x 60 x 5 cm
  • big mat 70 x 80 x 5 cm

Care instructions:

Wash on a short 30 °C program, approx every 3-4 months. Actually it is enough to vacuum it regularly, the cotton filling will take care of any harmful bacteria. Using chemical washing gel and softener is not so suitable for dogs. In case you want to wash also the pillow with filling, use dryer or take it to dry cleaning service, in order for the cotton wool to spread evenly.