Šedý vlnený psí kabátik
Šedý vlnený psí kabátik
Šedý vlnený psí kabátik


Elegant handmade dog coats "burberry" style

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Handmade elegant dog coats "Burberry" style. The fabric is very nice & great quality. Inside of the coat there is a fleece layer ❤

>>> 100 Kč = 4,00 € of the price is donated to dog shelters <<<

The dog coat is easily put on and taken off with two Velcro stripes sewn on in the front and on the belt which goes around the chest. There are elastic bands on buttons for the back legs (you can use them or take them off).

We have 4 different sizes:

# mini XS - length 26 cm, neck 22-29 cm, chest 34-42 cm for very small breeds ( 2 - 5 kg) like chihuahua, yorkshire

# small S - length 30 cm, neck 37-47 cm, chest 40-52 cm for small / medium size breeds ( 5 - 10 kg) jack russell, pinscher

# medium M - length 35 cm, neck 40-58 cm, chest 47-64 cm for middle size breeds (10 - 15 kg) like french bulldog, dachshund, mops, foxterrier

# large L - length 46 cm, neck 44-58 cm, chest 50-66 cm for larger size breeds (15kg - 20kg) like vizsla, staffbull, beagle

You can buy a matching bow tie in the same fabric made by FUNKY DOG brand :)