Ekologické sáčky Earth Rated - balenie 120 ks - s levandulovou vôňou

Earth Rated

Ecological dog waste bags Earth Rated

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Ecological dog waste bags Earth Rated are durable and strong. 

Bags contain an EPI additive which help them to break down unlike traditional plastic bags. A similar technology is used in most dog waste bags labeled as “biodegradable”.

  • 15 bags on 1 roll
  • price 29,90 Kč per roll, 2 Kč = 1 poop :)
  • 33 x 22,9 cm size of the bag
  • bigger, tougher, thicker
  • 2 options - unscented and Lavender-scented
  • you throw the bag away in mixed waste bins

The whole role of the dog waste bags fits into the Piňamka double - elegant bag for dog treats and dog waste bags made of Piñatex, natural sustainable leather alternative made of pineapple leaf fibre.