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BROWN - Natural 2,5 m cross-body dog leash made of linen with Piñatex®

  • 849,00 Kč

Cross-body 2.5 m length - attached the leash around your torso and customize the length with a slider. This leash allows you to have your hands free. 

Natural dog leash made of linen with Piñatex® leather alternative from pineapple leaf fibre. Flax is an amazing natural material and is up to 30% stronger than cotton.

The flax rope is knitted especially for us in the Czech Republic. Its natural color is practical for dog lovers and we do not have to use any chemical dyes. We offer 2 strengths (0.8 cm and 1.2 cm) and two variants (short and long).

>>> 70 Kč / 2,50 € of the price is donated to dog shelters <<<

The leash is stitched with a double layer of unique ecological material called Piñatex® made of pineapple leaf fibre, and all metal components are solid brass, so they do not change color and do not break.
The leash is very strong and its resistance and volume increases with water. Handmade production takes place in the Czech republic, in a small workshop with a tradition. The leash fits perfectly with our Piñatex® collars and Piñamka bag

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