How did it all begin?



When something starts from the heart and with joy, it's a prelude to something being great! Katka, the founder of the project, loves animals! She enjoys doing creative things and supporting good causes.

Most importantly, Katka thinks any dog looks great with a bow tie! It is stylish, elegant and at the same time so cute. So she started making them. By herself at home manually.

A significant amount of each product, from 10% up to 30% of each price, is donated to dog shelters and organizations which help animals in need. Everyone who wears the FUNKY DOG brand shows the rest of the world that he or she helps friends at the shelters.

How did it all begin? The idea of a dog with a bow tie began in 2011 when Katka once saw a dog on the street and he had a red checkered bow tie sewed on the collar. "I immediately imagined how it would look like on Kadl (my dog)," says Katka. Katka was looking for a similar bow tie for a dog for years, but she did not find a similar one. At that time, bow ties were not a hit for men nor for dogs. She once found a hair clip and put it on Kadlo’s collar. "It was drawing everybody's attention on the street and it seemed to give them joy! It was very kind and I was delighted. That was the inspiration and I thought: "Why do not I make bow ties myself? People would certainly be pleased and could buy a bow tie for their puppy!"

Well, so she started doing it and started handmaking them. From the beginning, Katka was sure that by selling them she wanted to help animals. Now there are a few other interesting and creative products available under the same brand of FUNKY DOG. From the beginning of the project until now, a beautiful amount of 30 000 € has been redistributed not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also abroad! The face of the brand is Katka’s beloved Mr. Cuddles ("Kadlo") - an unusual dog with a strong personality, mix of daschund and beagle. Mothers on maternity leave with small children and sheltered workshops with disabled people are involved in product manufacturing. This way FUNKY DOG also helps people.