Wholesale conditions

Do you like FUNKY DOG brand and would like to offer the products to your customers?

Why to choose eco-friendly FUNKY DOG brand?

  • clients care more about where and how it is made these days. Less people opt in for "made in China" products and prefer to pay more for local production.
  • we don't produce more plastic! we care about our planet. That is why we aim to use natural materials.
  • all products are vegan - we want to help animals, not to hurt and exploit them 
  • love brand - clients want to be included in helping other animals in need
  • unique wooden POS stand in the shape of a dog
  • together we can help specific local organisation 
  • we will provide you with professional photos and videos and will give you guidance and the best know-how tips on sales

If you are interested to get in contact with us, please email us at katka@funkydog.cz or call +420 774 791 987. We ship world wide, we are a VAT payer. 

Download the current catalogue here!