Žltá šatka s nápisom
Žltá šatka s nápisom
Žltá šatka s nápisom
Žltá šatka s nápisom
Žltá šatka s nápisom
Žltá šatka s nápisom


Yellow bandana with text

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Handmade dog yellow bandana with signalising text FUNKY DOG for cool & stylish dogs and cats who want to support their friends in shelters ❤ All products are made by mothers on maternity leave and disabled people in protected workshops.

Yellow dog project is for signalising to other people of a certain issue, you can choose from these texts:

  • "I am affraid"
  • "Do not touch"
  • "Health issues"
  • "I am blind"
  • "I need space"

>>> 75 Kč / 3 € of the price is donated to dog shelters <<<

The bandana has a wooden button sewed on. You can adjust the length of the bandana by folding it at the top. The size is adjustable by making a knot first and then closing the button.

We have 4 different sizes:

# mini 22 cm - for very small dog breeds or cats ( 2 - 5 kg) like chihuahua, pinscher, yorkshire, mini dachshund

# small 32 cm - for small/medium size breeds ( 5 - 12 kg) like beagle, jack russell, mixes

# medium 42 cm - for medium/larger size breeds (12 - 20 kg) like french bulldog, boxer, vizsla

# large 52 cm - for big size breeds (20kg and more) like border collie, german shepherd, labrador, golden retriever

Every dog looks simply amazing with a bandana.